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Jodi Dauses


Jodi Dauses is a former ABC-affiliate television news anchor and reporter turned speaking ambassador for Jesus Christ.  Growing up in a strong Evangelical family, God called Jodi into the Catholic Church over fourteen years ago and Jodi’s friendship with Lisa Brenninkmeyer (Founder of Walking With Purpose) played a critical part in her conversion.  Jodi worked for several years as a Walking With Purpose Regional Area Coordinator. She now serves on the WWP Speaking Team sharing the story of God’s redeeming love with women around the country. Her popular blog, “The Irreplaceable Mother” encourages women to serve first and best where they matter most. Jodi lives on a small homestead in Maryland, on the Chesapeake Bay, with her husband D.J. and their four children.

Jodi is currently booking the following talks for the Fall/Winter of 2022 and the Spring of 2023. She is also available for virtual talks.  Please contact for bookings and speaking fees.


*Let’s Get Overwhelmed:  Are you upset over what’s happening in our world today or heartbroken over the division we see on our social media feeds?  As a former ABC-televison news anchor, Jodi understands what it means to feel discouraged from all of the negative news cycles! In this talk, Jodi explains how calling on the Sacred of Heart of Jesus can radically change our perspective, helping us not get overpowered by the culture, but overwhelmed with the Good News.

*How To Blossom In The Midst of Anxiety: Sharing details of how she secretly struggled for over a decade with panic attacks, Jodi unlocks the origin of worry and teaches practical ways of how we as women can overcome it.  (Scheduled for WWP Flourish Conference March 2020)

*Mama, Go. Home. : As a woman are you feeling torn in so many directions and confused about where to spend your energy?  In this heart-warming talk, Jodi invites us to discern how to “serve first and best where we matter most” in our current season of life.  Drawing insight from her popular blog “The Irreplaceable Mother”, Jodi unlocks five ways God is inviting women to serve wholeheartedly in our most sacred roles. (WWP Leaders Gathering in Falls Church, VA April 2019)

*Battling Burn-Out: With a touch of humor and a big dose of authenticity, Jodi guides women through how to identify what drains us and how we can purposefully live radically free from the rat race of our culture.  (WWP Leadership Conference 2016)

*The Rescue:  With powerful story-telling, Jodi teaches on the sacred story of the Kerygma (the “Good News”) and how Jesus came to courageously fight for each of our souls. Jodi’s prayer is that every woman in the audience will have an encounter with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leaving equipped and inspired to share her faith with others. 

Note to WWP Parish Coordinators: When Jodi visits your parish she is able to provide the following: Private personal prayer/time of encouragement with you and/or your team, Talk outline, Small group discussion guide, Q & A time following the talk. Talks are generally 45 minutes long and can be modified to fit the needs of your group.

Please contact for bookings and speaking fees.